Tamne taklif hoy to samethi kejo |Rohit Thakor|full HD | new song 2019|vaghela studio

#Vaghelastudio Song:- #Tamne_Taklif_Hoy_To_Samethi_Kejo Singer:- #Rohit_Thakor Artist:- Rohit Thakor, Shreya dave , Chintan Thakor Producer / D.O.P:- Pankaj Thakor - 8141031636, 7016030209 Director:- Vijay Balva Lyrics:- Tushar Jani Recoding:- M.S Recording Studio, Sargasan Ridhum: Sandip Parmar Music:- Mayur Thakor (Por) Technical:- Pravin Thakor (Meldi Don) Edit :- Nayan Thakor Supoort:- Gopi Studio Ambahotal Stil Photo:- Bijal Thakor, Ajay

Rohit Thakor's new song has come in. If you have trouble, then you should say that Rohit Thakor's super hit song has been released today and today he has been released from Vaghela Studios, Gita Activity Pankaj Thakor and this song has been taken in Full HD and thus one Superhit and beautifully expressed a word's response to his problem in the spirit of a beautiful and Rohit Thakor's look at you EA is one of the most promising singers such as Rohit Thakor, who is currently playing in God City, after being one of the songs and super hits. Whether it is Pogram Garba now or any other film studio, Rohit Thakor has played the most role and it is the most The simplest and best way to be the top singing artist in Gujarat
After Rohit Thakor, a song is a super hit and if you have trouble, if you have trouble, say this song, it has been said that the song is unfriendly and that the song is taken in a full HD, if you go to see a friendship, then Rohit Thakore Parmar Rohit Thakor is a different name within Gujarat, as the song has been super-hit and has got good songs from its studio Vaghela Studio too. Has been expressed in different ways
 If you are in trouble then say this song is Rohit Thakor's superhit song, and after this one song will remain superb, because Rohit Thakor is considered as a superstar of Gujarat and one such song of Rohit Thakore is not the biggest city of the villagers. Rohit Thakor is considered to be the highest among Thakore because the songs inside the society go very different from one community to a different society. The tube is so congratulations Rohit Thakor community has also made a good job
If you are in trouble then say this song is Rohit Thakor's superhit. If you see you, you will be very happy and if you like, if you like, do not forget to enjoy because he is very much represented by Rohit Thakore in a Vaghela studio. Come and friends will not give full support to your brother Rohit Thakor and do not forget to share


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