How to Earn Money Online – YouTube, Website,Affiliate program

How to Earn Money Online

How to Earn Money Online

How to Earn Money Online :- if you use Internet then do you know about Online Income. You can Earn money online yes you can. Today I’m going to tell you about How to Earn Money Online. So if you’re a student, housewife or you want to earn part time and full time then you should read full article. in this article i will tell you about source of income online and Tips and tricks for Online income.

If you think Earn money through internet is very hard then you are thinking wrong. It’s very easy but you have to wait and patient. First you have to learn then you can earn because if you’re from non-computer science students then you should know how it’s work and how you can do it. There are many way of earn money online but i am talking about genuine way because today frauds are everywhere so i am telling you online authentic and genuine Platform for earn money online.

1- YouTube

YouTube is the second largest Search engine in the world. If you use you tube then you watch many videos like Entertainment, Songs, Dance Video, Vlog, Roasting, Tutorial etc. Then sometime you thinks how they earn and why they make video. so it’s all about passion and money. YouTube is nothing it’s the product of Google.

If you have passion about anything which you can show to world then you can earn easily but wait patient is must because many people daily starts their channel on YouTube but unfortunately they can’t earn because starting a YouTube channel is easy but Earn money is very difficult.

How to Earn Money Online

If you are a beginner then you have to wait. Make channel about anything you know perfectly. Upload video consistently and share with your Friends, family on social media.

You have to choose category whatever it is but Consistency is the key of success on the YouTube and learn about YouTube Like – Channel Name, Thumbnail, Title, Tags, Description, Social Media, Promotion etc. You have to create your audience. when you get your audience then Interact with audience.

And learn how to record videos, edit videos, audio, and Quality. If you are a beginner then you don’t need High quality camera and microphone you just need basic camera you can use your mobile and your Personal computer or laptop.

Tip :- Learn how to make channel and grow on YouTube. Make social media account also with same channel name which you create on YouTube. First learn then earn is the only key of success. Don’t Copy other other YouTuber create your own content but you can take Ideas. Here few steps for making great YouTube channel.

1- Make channel and thinks Good name which is related to your content. How to Earn Money Online

2- Make Logo, Channel bar etc.

3 Make social media account like Fb Page, Twitter, Instagram, Quora etc. How to Earn Money Online

4- Sharing is caring so share on every platform and request to your family and friends and your subscriber for sharing your videos and channel.

5- If your new creator then first make Script then record. Do your homework and practice 2-3 Time before recording on camera. How to Earn Money Online

6- Editing is very necessary so you have to learn Basic editing you can learn on YouTube.

After your 4000 hours watch time on your channel and 1000 subscriber on your YouTube channel then create Adsense account for Advertisement. After sign in adsense google will review your channel then if your channel is good they will approve it. Then you can monetize your video and earn money.

Note:- Remember don’t upload copyright content because youtube algorithm is very smart.

2- Blog

Same with blog if you have knowledge about anything then you can write Like – News, poetry, Quotes, Stories etc. Blog is a good platform you can write whatever you think.  in blog it’s not free you have to purchase domain like our website then you have to purchase Hosting

if you can’t buy hosting you can host your website on which is also google product. But is limited you can’t create many things like wordpress. How to Earn Money Online

How to Earn Money Online

if you are beginner then buy domain and small hosting. after connect your domain with hosting then you can write your Article. Write 20-25 article without copy.  length of the article should be 500+ Worlds. After each article complete you have to submit your article in google index.

After 20-25 article then you can sign in for Google Adsense they will provide to you a code for verification for verify your website. They will mail you on same id which you sign in on Adsense for Approval or not. After approval you can add advertise on your site.

Tip:- wait and write Each article very carefully because Google employ  will manually check your website. Don’t copy anyone content use your own content the apply for adsense. How to Earn Money Online

If your website Rejected for adsense then read reason and work on that. After adsense you have to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Because creating blog is easy but ranking on google is very tough. So learn SEO.

3- Affiliate marketig

Did you listened about Amazon Affiliate program ? if no then you are right place. Affiliate program is type of referral program. When someone buy Product on Amazon Website with your Given link you will get some % of the product. it’s affiliate marketing.

How to Earn Money Online

so first you have to create Amazon affiliate Account on then you can search any product which you want to promote and get links of that product. How to Earn Money Online

After creating Link share on everywhere on social media your website, facebook, youtube channel, whats app, snapchat, twitter etc.  when someone buy with your Affiliate link then you will earn money. you can earn now with this method. It’s very good program. it’s not necessary for buyer to buy particular product if anyone buy anything on Amazon within 24 Hours then you will get some Percentage of Buyer Products.

4- Freelancing

Freelancing is very famous on internet. If you have skills in Writing Article, Design Logo, Graphic Design, Typing, Programming etc. You can earn easily. it’s very simple you have to bid for someone proposal for the work. if you successfully get the work then They will pay you for your work after work submission.

How to Earn Money Online

You can find more then thousands work on freelancing website and need only Computer and Internet connection and your skill.If you are a beginner then you have to make strong profile on Freelancing Website because after bid they will check your profile.

If your profile is good then you can get work easily so first go and make profile. Two top freelancing Website.

1-                        How to Earn Money Online

2-                                                How to Earn Money Online

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